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First up for grabs is this saucy number, open for 2 SLOTS!
First come first serve at $30USD each!
Maidych by fawnyabdl
This maid might have gotten something on her skirt, and you get a peek underneath as she dusts it off!
With this base, you get to change her hair, face, clothing, and a bit of the bodytype. 
You want her to look embarrassed? You can have that!



Halloych2 by fawnyabdl
1. Neko-dono
2. Kiwi-the-fruit
3. ABDLHomuHomu

To pick up a slot, comment below with the base you want and I'll send you a note to talk about it!

Ahoy! Take a gander at this YCH and imagine your very own characters of choice gracing this page:
Cribbound by fawnyabdl

Maybe you're thinking 'But Fawny, there's a whole bunch of stuff going on here and I don't know what those labels mean!' and don't fret, I will tell you about them.


This is an AUCTION. The highest bidder gets the prize. Just one winner!

This auction will be starting bidding at $35USD.
That starting bid will net the winner TIER 1, which is the single character in the bed with plain clothing of my choice.
Higher bids that meet higher tier goals will expand the content of the image accordingly:

TIER 1 - $35USD
The single character in the bed, simple outfit of Fawny's choice.

TIER 1.5 - $45USD

The single character in the bed, outfit of auction winner's choice.

TIER 2 - $60USD
Both characters in the scene, outfits of the auction winner's choice. Nothing in the second character's hand.

TIER 2.5 - $70USD
Both characters in the scene, outfits of the auction winner's choice. Large item added to scene i.e. outfit on hanger in hand.

The auction ends if this bid is placed. You get all the tiers and some more if you win with this bid.


The auction starts now and will end at midnight my time (MST) on Thursday, October 22nd. Any bids placed after that time will not be counted!

To place a bid, comment below! This is an open auction, your bids must be visible and private messages (notes) with bids will be invalid!


Q Is this just girls, or can I have a guy there instead?
A You can request male characters, yep.

Q Fawny, when you say 'outfit of my choice', are there limits?
A No, I don't think so. I will draw anything I have a reference for.

Q And if Tier 2 isn't reached, what happens to that second character?
A They don't get drawn. Just the poor cuffed character. 

Q What do you mean by 'and some more' with the Autobuy?
A Poses can be changed quite a bit, room decor can be changed a little, and I can do an alternate outfit for them too.

Q Does this mean commissions are open?
A No, not yet!

Q What if I have another question?
A Comment or note me!

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!
Working on some big stuff. Big stuff going on here.

And chatting with 34Q. Neat.

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