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Wicke likes it T H I C C + Fawny Update
Testing out the newly updated Clip Studio Paint!

Back in late August, I got a new laptop from Mikey so I could do better art! Great!
My favourite program, SAI, didn't work on it. Not great.
But I had Clip Studio already! Yes!
The version I had wasn't supported by macs and the resolution was shit. Not good.

So I tried Parallels to run SAI through Windows, but even there, the resolution wasn't good at all. So I waited for something better to come around, and looked for a version of PS that didn't have a wonky UI, and kept my eye out for other programs like SAI.

Just a couple weeks ago, I thought of checking to see if my version of CSP was even supported by macs, since the problems I had with it seemed to be a conflict with the program and the OS I had it on. Like, did CSP even work for OSX? It was supposed to... so I got rid of it and reinstalled a newer version. Et voila, it worked.

Looks like I kinda forgot how to draw, so here's a practice sketch of Wicke from the Pokemon game I just got through. Only took like four hours and a couple pointers from Qucker hahahaha
apple can suck my diiiick

i can't use sai anymore

so im moving over to clip studio

and i may eventually have to cave and join the cool kids with their ''photoshoops'' and ''professional art softwares''

but oh man you guys so i went to the city a couple weeks ago to dance all weekend and got the nastiest sunburn. and then i went to the city again three days later to help with a fashion show and be a pretty lolita and present panels on lolita and stuff. with a nasty healing sunburn.
i met ladybeard!!
Untitled by fawnyabdl
if you ever have the chance to meet ladybeard, do it. literally the sweetest person in the universe <3

i thought i would have had ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD over the past few weeks

i'm a LIAR

but now im a liar with a cool art program

let's figure out how to stream tomorrow

Oh man if ya'll heard a little ya'll are gonna know that me and :iconmikey-the-little: are best friends now. 
So here's how that happened.

I was walking along, uh, streaming, and Mikey is there, and he says something about macs and offers to buy me one. I think he's joking and I'm like alright, yeah, that'd be cool. And then he starts asking questions and I'm like is this really happening? And it is. Wouldn't you know it, Mikey actually helped me out A LOT and gifted me a beautiful macbook pro. Like, not any laptop, but the most gorgeous laptop I've ever set my hands on. Oh my gosh Mikey you beautiful person what did I do to deserve you?

After Mikey and I made arrangements to get me the laptop, I was able to make a trip to the apple store and pick it out during a weekend that I was in the city anyways. I live out in the boonies for the summer so that trip was lucky timing! I got to the apple store, picked it up, ended up with a free pair of beats headphones because I'm a student (I chose pink ones, they're still beats but I ain't gonna look a gift horse in the mouth omfg). I spent the next three days dancing and volunteering and avoiding some pretty big storms, so I'm STILL in the process of getting everything set up and getting back to commissions.

But you guys, I have a working laptop now!!! That means streams! And free shit for you (after commissions fuck hahaha)!!

As for commissions, I'm still chipping away at them. I have a lot to work on all at once, do not fret if you don't see updates really quickly!!

come hang out w/ me
bring your own snacks and music
and get ready for a bad face tut


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